[Roundtable] Valentina Calandra and Daniel Kruse: The Era of Women

Moving towards a more human-centric digital age also involves focusing on diversity and equality. The empowerment of women remains an integral component of social change. This roundtable will focus on the issues women face on a daily basis, and what actionable paths are possible to bring about safety, power and equality for women. This is a topic that should be approached from an intersectional lens, considering how secondary and tertiary marginalized identities, such as race and sexuality, create additional prejudices for women. Defining feminism itself is also an integral part of the process, and to understand how feminist thought and action have a direct benefit to all of humanity, regardless of gender. Amongst talking about women’s empowerment, we also want to explore gender itself - to understand the characteristics associated with women (or men) as cultural and internalized qualities, rather than natural or biological aspects. From issues such as privatized as domestic violence, to the structural rigidity that continues to detract power from women, we hope to set in motion conversations and actions that will accelerate the feminist agenda.

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