[Roundtable] InĂªs Santos Silva: Gender Politics

Everything, all the time, intersectional

What is gender anyway? This round table will be a point of departure to address inequality and disproportionately distributed power in the tech scene (and most likely the world). We will start by looking at government and Policy makers with Ines, exploring her work in this area and then we will open up the conversation to absolutely EVERYTHING intersectional. Gender has been used as a tool to oppress and suppress the power of the feminine. In this case we will call that womyn (this is not a typo, but a proposition to omit men from womin - however else we can spell it phonetically so it reads the same). It is important in theses spaces to look at and acknowledge privilege and create a discourse that focuses on shifting the paradigm of representation and equality. Together, we will unpack these ideas and actively engage in discourse centered around equality, which means that we will look at diversity and how we can create new systems that are more inclusive, shifting the paradigm and creating a new vision for working in tech and the world.

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