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  1. [Roundtable] Dennis Wedderkop: Relationships in the Digital Era

    Digitization impacts every aspect and stage of relationships. While we’ve never been more connected, some argue we’ve never been more alone. How can we use technology to create more meaningful and satisfying relationships? ...


  2. [Roundtable] Sven Stegemann: The Transforming Power of Organizational Design

    What is organizational design? This roundtable immerses into a discussion around how the design and structure of an organization can immensely contribute to it's positive impact on society. Moreover, it addresses how different societal structures offer new perspectives on our most pressing problems today. ...


  3. [Roundtable] Lubomila Jordanova: Solving climate change is a matter of group work

    This conversation focuses on understanding climate change from two perspectives: The stakeholders - so who is involved, which organizations try to influence the discussion and more importantly: what constitutes this challenge exactly, what does it look like if you try to break it down into it's different parts? Based on ...


  4. [Roundtable] Inês Santos Silva: Gender Politics

    Everything, all the time, intersectional What is gender anyway? This round table will be a point of departure to address inequality and disproportionately distributed power in the tech scene (and most likely the world). We will start by looking at government and Policy makers with Ines, exploring her work in this ...


  5. [Roundtable] Ulf Brandes: Social Energy - Creating Spaces for the Emotional Side of Life and Work

    Emotions are a vital source of energy and clarity. Particularly empathy, the human capacity to sense what others feel, is indispensable if we want to collaborate. Yet, rather than honoring and nurturing emotions and empathy, we often try to suppress or manipulate them, following a numb and emotionless „rational machine“ ideal ...