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  1. [Roundtable] Theodor Beutel: Designing the Function of Currency - The Emerging Field of Cryptoeconomics

    Cryptoeconomic incentive mechanisms create a novel solution space that goes beyond what currencies were traditionally been designed and used for. We will kick off the discussion with a brief introduction to cryptoeconomics as a "science that focuses on the design and characterization" of "protocols that govern the production, distribution, ...


  2. [Roundtable] Adrian Iselin: Somatic Intelligence - Lessons From Body Work for Business and Discourse

    In the professional world, interactions take place predominantly on the verbal and intellectual level. An assumption underlying this circumstance seems to be that language and intellectual exchange is somehow objective and universal while physical or emotional exchange is not. The notion of Somatic Intelligence suggests that even subtle physical ...


  3. [Roundtable] Franziska Krüger: Reimagining Work - Strategies for Healthy Organizations and a Desirable Future

    Our current efforts to change the way we organize work are driven by much larger underlying cultural dynamics that are challenging long-standing paradigms and belief systems. Reimagining our relationships to, with and within work offers a unique chance to transform our organisations into places that support evolutionary personal and organizational growth. ...


  4. [Roundtable] Valentina Calandra and Daniel Kruse: The Era of Women

    Moving towards a more human-centric digital age also involves focusing on diversity and equality. The empowerment of women remains an integral component of social change. This roundtable will focus on the issues women face on a daily basis, and what actionable paths are possible to bring about safety, power and ...


  5. [Roundtable] Konrad Willi Döring: AI and Neurotechnology in the Near Future - In Need of a Global Inclusive Think Tank

    Technology pushes us towards times of massive changes. Social Media once considered as mere nudging, has already shown its potential for full-blown social engineering. In comparison, how will Neurotechnology impact humanity? Alongside artificial intelligence, brain computer interfaces imminently mark an emerging revolutionary technology of the next decades. Whereas the two fields ...